About the artist

Farnösh draws her inspiration from the timeless elegance and beauty of her native Persia and the
vitality of the United States, the adopted home she’s embraced. Her artistic sensibility blends the best
of these two cultures, enabling her to create work that is youthful and wise, ancient and fresh, energetic and enduring.

As a graphic designer, she has extensive multidisciplinary experience working in print promotions, corporate and brand identity, and publications design for leading companies, using her talent and vision
to serve the varying needs of her clients.

You'll see her Persian heritage colliding with contemporary style, English and Farsi script and poetry, symbols and formal elements and more in her paintings. It's personal, it's real, and it tells a great story.

A world away from her commercial design work—but imbued with the same passionate creativity—Farnösh’s nautical sculptures feature natural elements in utterly surprising ways. Driftwood and exotic shells combine in a distinctive wreath; a starfish balances on a vintage bottle containing beach rocks in
a whimsical display; a piece of coral is dramatically reimagined as a decorative object.

These nautical sculptures simultaneously reflect a universal fascination with the ocean, and Farnösh’s very specific affection for Rowayton, the coastal Connecticut town where she lives with her husband.
The name of her company, D54-Studio, is equally personal, a tribute to her son who wore number 54 when he played football for Darien High School.

Experience how Farnösh’s artistry makes familiar objects appear compellingly, delightfully new.