My work is all about combining the cultures of East and West – the timeless elegance and beauty of my native Persia with the contemporary vitality of the United States, the adoptive home I’ve embraced. The traditional and the modern, the natural and the man made. I call it my Persian Fusion – the story of my life. 

My inspiration for the series of “Nouns” painting came in an art class while I was studying at SUNY Purchase. Our challenge was to choose a noun from a list of ten words, then depict or respond to it in a painting. 

I have always loved Persian miniatures and been fascinated by the thought of how could anyone paint so beautifully in so small a space. Based on the title and theme of each of my “noun” stories, I began to pick one or two of the traditional images which I would blow up in size and transfer into my painting. I also express my feelings with different poems, colors and abstract forms. I blend poems and script – both English and Farsi, and tend to blur the script so that each person can draw upon his or her own imagination. 

You can see my Persian heritage colliding and blending with contemporary style in my paintings. I feel called upon to bring opposites together in a harmonious way, and in the process, create something new and enduring.

Aren’t we all trying to integrate the opposites in our personalities and in our lives? Do you think that might be the key to happiness?

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